Jennifer Hyatt –Owner


 Larry Buchanan: IICRC Master Certified Technician. Pool and Spa Technician.  Larry is a dedicated, diligent worker who will take care of all your cleaning needs!








Tamie Goad: Office Administrator/Housekeeping Manager. Tamie has been with Ros-Elum Services for 5 years and has over 30 years of cleaning experience. Tamie loves camping and going out to the dirt track with the other Ros Elum Crew members!  Tamie has two dogs and one cat and hopes in the future she can take a break from the winter months in Arizona.


  Bridget Goad: Professional Cleaner. Bridget has lived in Kittitas County for 11 years and resides here Tamie, Bob and her wiener dog named Lily. Bridget’s hobbies include Volleyball, playing with her dog and hanging out with her family. To Bridget, her family means everything and her future aspirations are to become an RN in the future.


JadiahJadiah is a Professional Cleaner with Ros Elum Services. Jadiah has lived in Kittitas County for 4 year and resides here with her spouse. Jadiah has been with Ros Elum Services for a year and has worked from being a Tech 1 Cleaner to becoming a Tech 2 Professional Cleaner and Ros Elum’s main Janitorial Tech. Jadiah’s specialties include recognizing usage and determining what is required of the job and being able to work solo in the janitorial field.

Jadiah’s hobbies include drawing, gaming, collecting horse figurines, working on cars and going off roading. Jadiah has a beautiful husky named Fell, Jadiah plans on going back to school to work on engines.

 Tanner Wallace: Tanner is a Pool & Spa Tech, Window Cleaner and Carpet cleaner. He has lived in Kittitas County for four years and resides her with his wife, two daughters and two dogs. Tanner has been married for four years. His wife, Krista was his senior prom date who lost touch and reunited 20 years later and got married 12/13/14. He loves his daughters more than life and enjoys playing video games with them, fishing and building. Tanner has been with Ros-Elum since 2017 and his specialties include: spa and pool cleaning and chemistry, carpet and upholstery cleaning, high ladder window cleaning and Christmas light hanging. Tanner is an IICRC certified technician and graduated the top of his class, he looks forward to obtaining more certifications to gain more knowledge for the customers. 

Jenny: Professional Cleaner. Jenny has lived in Kittitas County for 37 years and resides here with her four children and two dogs. She is new to Ros-Elum services and her specialties include over 20 years of house cleaning experience and great attention to detail.

Carissa: Professional cleaner with Ros-Elum services and has lived in Kittitas county for 28 years and resides with her boyfriend and three sons. Carissa is new to Ros-Elum but has 17 years of house cleaning experience. She enjoys spending time with her family and her boys Adrian who is nine, Sergio who is three and Ivan who is two months old.

 Brett: IICRC Certified technician. Brett graduated top of his class and is looking forward to his upcoming education to become fully certified in every part of Professional Van Mount Cleaning


Neal: Marketing, Inventory and Office Administrator who is new to Ros Elum Services and has recently moved to Cle Elum from the greater Seattle Area. Neal has been in sales for the past 5  years and has also attended school for network administration Neal works to support his two daughters, plays guitar and aspires to buy a new home and car in the near future.


Danielle: Professional Cleaner who works hard for her two children. She has a great eye for detail and is proud of the work she does for Ros-Elum. She wasnts to provides a great future for her children.


Laura: Professional Cleaner who has had her family has been in the area for 120 years. She has a boyfriend and son who she works hard to support. She loves animals and has 2 dogs and 5 cats! Her true future aspiration is to run an animal rescue!


Bailey: Professional Cleaner and is new with Ros Elum. She has lived in Kittitas County foir 17 years and likes to horseback ride, going to the lake and going on road trips. Bailey has four sisters and many animals. She has future aspirations of remodeling houses, as well as, building her own home on her own land.