Jennifer H –Owner

Jennifer is life long resident of Kittitas County. She resides with her husband, 2 daughters,  Boston Terrier and 3 cats. Jennifer loves spending time with her family and enjoys the many recreational opportunities that beautiful Kittitas County has to offer. Jennifer’s parents started Ros-Elum Services in 1972 and she grew up working from a young age in the business with them. When she began the process of purchasing the business from her parents in 2001 there was just 1 van and 2 employees, and in fact she was 1 of the 2 employees. Since that time Ros-Elum has grown to see as many as 24 employees, serving a database of more than 1,000 customers. Today Ros-Elum Services is the perfect size and we strive to provide exceptional service with well trained and dedicated staff so that our clients can receive the best possible experience from the many services we have to offer. Jennifer aspires to continue to cultivate the Company providing a good service to the community and employment opportunities for hardworking members of the County.



Larry B- Co-Owner

Larry is an IICRC Master Certified Technician and Pool and Spa Technician. Larry was instrumental in coining the Ros-Elum slogan “We Do It All”.  Whether you need snow plowing services, gravel hauling, lot clearing, or professional window cleaning- Larry is dedicated to getting it done!

Tamie G- Office Administrator/Housekeeping Manager

Tamie has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2015 and has over 30 years of cleaning experience. Tamie loves camping and spending time with her family, two dogs & cat. Tamie hopes in the future she can take a break from the winter months in Arizona.

Kathy R: 

Kathy has worked at Ros-Elum since 2018 as a Professional Cleaner. Kathy is a proficient worker with a sense of organizing while getting the job done in a way the customer expects. Kathy loves camping and gardening, and lives with her long time boyfriend Dave, who owns a landscaping business. Kathy aspires to work full time for Ros-Elum and hopes to be a long time member of the team.

Martha C:

Martha is a professional cleaner who has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2020. Martha has lived in Kittitas County for 10 years with her three children. Her specialties include cooking and an eye for detailed cleaning. She comes to Ros-Elum Services with 5 years of cleaning experience at a 5 star Lodge. When Martha isn’t busy working she loves to take walks and spend quality time with her children. Her future aspirations are to attend college and keep working so she can save up and pay for her studies. 

Emee O:

Emee is an inventory specialist at Ros-Elum Services since 2019. She takes care of cleaning and organizing the Ros-Elum shop, office and all of the cleaning vehicles. She manages all of the OSHA safety gear and the extensive SDS sheets for the Company. Emee helps Ros-Elum Services to run smoothly and efficiently thanks to her special skills and detailed nature. Emee also helps to run over 1,000 pounds of cleaning rags, microfibers, mops and client laundry as well.  Emee has lived in Kittitas County for over 30 years and resides with her dog Kiera. Emee’s future aspirations are to kayak with her grandsons at Lake Cle Elum and to work on a fundamentals of music book, for early beginners in piano.

Natalie D: 

Natalie is a professional cleaner at Ros-Elum Services. Natalie is new as of January 2020 to the Kittitas County area and loves it here. Natalie’s specialties include paying attention to detail and being able to thoroughly check her work. Natalie’s future aspirations are to one day start a family of her own.

Mark R:

Mark is a professional window cleaner and he’s new to the Kittitas County area as of January 2020! Mark has pride in what he does as well as fully taking ownership of his work. Mark comes to Ros-Elum Services with more than 10 years of professional window cleaning experience. Mark has many hobbies but he particularly enjoys building things out of wood.  Mark’s future aspirations include giving a try at becoming a bee farmer. 

Jeanette T:

Jeanette is a Professional Cleaner who started working with Ros-Elum Services in 2018. Her specialty is her ability to be an extremely detailed cleaner. Jeanette has lived in Kittitas County for over 20 years. She enjoys spending time with family and friends on her days off. Her aspiration is to become a team leader with Ros-Elum Services.

Maria M:

Maria is a Professional Cleaner, and has been a resident to Kittitas County for nearly 20 years. Maria has been a team member with Ros-Elum Services since 2016. It is impossible to be around Maria without smiling because she is such a joyful person and she does a great job too!

Tanner S:

Tanner is a seasonal snow equipment operator who has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2017. Tanner has lived in Kittitas County for over 15 years.  He is a real pro at what he does and the customers really appreciate Tanner’s attention to detail.

John S: 

John is a seasonal snow plow operator who has lived in Kittitas County for more than 20 years. He has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2019. John takes tremendous pride and perfection in plowing the driveways on his route. Ros-Elum Services constantly receives compliments because of his care, detail, and commitment to the quality of his skill in the plow truck. 

Zach O: 

Zach is a seasonal snow plow operator who is a lifelong resident of Kittitas County. He has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2018. Zach loves to operate equipment and always has a smile on his face when he is plowing. He continues to work to improve his skill.