I hired Ros Elum Cleaning Services to do our carpets after hours as not to interfere with business hours.  They where very considerate to my needs.  Not only was the carpet cleaner very professional, he was considerate, and understanding. Our office is very full, and he was helpful in how the job was done.   At last minute, I asked if he’d consider cleaning fabric chairs.  He was very nice and said there was no problem. I would highly recommend Ros Elum for carpets or furniture. They are  very fast, efficient, and pleasant to work with. – Terry T. Cle Elum, WA


After having construction done at my cabin in Cle Elum, I hired Ros-Elum Cleaning Services to come out and clean the carpets. Not only did our carpets have construction dirt and footprints ground in, but also regular “pathway” dirt and a few cat urine stains.
Mark, one of the owners, came out to do our job and I was so impressed with how professional the team was, their truck with all the equipment and how careful they were. I wasn’t able to be there when they first arrived and from all the great things I had heard about this company, I felt very comfortable leaving the door unlocked for them. I definitely can’t say that about a lot of contractors in these parts.
Anyway, they did a great job, got all the stains out and made my carpet look clean and smell fresh again. I plan on having them come out every 6 months now and I’d also like to start using their house cleaning services. Thanks Ros-Elum! – Natalie S. Seattle, WA


I’m not sure why this is listed as soley a carpet cleaning place, because they do home cleaning as well. We hired them two years ago to come every two weeks and clean our house, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Rachel and her revolving cadre of helpers keep our place clean (we only have to tidy and occasionally vacuum between visits) and I love them. They’re awesome about working around my husband’s work schedule changes, too. I highly recommend them. – Eva W. Ellensburg, WA