Our staff loves the different communities we serve. The whole team is brimming with experience and expertise to care for you and your property. If interested, we have some openings and would love you to join our team!

Jennifer H -Owner

Jennifer is lifelong resident of Kittitas County. She resides with her husband, 2 daughters, Boston Terrier and 2 cats. Jennifer loves spending time with her family and enjoys the many recreational opportunities that beautiful Kittitas County has to offer. Her parents started Ros-Elum Services in 1972 and she grew up working from a young age in the business with them. When she began the process of purchasing the business from her parents in 2001, there was just 1 van and 2 employees, and in fact she was 1 of the 2 employees. Since that time Ros-Elum has grown to see as many as 24 employees, serving a database of more than 1,000 customers. Today Ros-Elum Services is the perfect size, and we strive to provide exceptional service with well trained and dedicated staff so that our clients can receive the best possible experience from the many services we have to offer. Jennifer aspires to continue to cultivate the Company providing a good service to the community and employment opportunities for hardworking members of the County.

Larry B- Co-Owner

Larry is an IICRC Master Certified Technician and Pool & Spa Technician. Because of his diverse background and work experience he has brought with him to Ros-Elum; Larry was instrumental in coining the Ros-Elum slogan “We Do It All”.  Whether you need snow plowing services, gravel hauling, lot clearing, or professional window cleaning- Larry is dedicated to getting it done! Larry is a dedicated family man who lives here with his wife and children and loves spending time with his family recreating in the Upper Kittitas County.

Tamie G- Office Administrator

Tamie has been with Ros-Elum Services since 2015 and has over 30 years of cleaning experience. Tamie loves camping and spending time with her family, dog, cat & chickens. Tamie hopes in the future she can take a break from the snowy winter months of Kittitas County and snowbird in Arizona.

Justin V:

Justin is a Master Certified IICRC Technician who has been with Ros-Elum since 2020. Justin is proud to have successfully completed the Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery & Fine Fabric Cleaning and Odor Control Technician classes and certification tests as well. When Justin is not working, he likes to explore Kittitas County, going to the shooting range, seeing new things and particularly loves the outdoors and all of the activities it has to offer. Justin enjoys spending time with family, especially his wife, new baby daughter and their 3 indoor cats who all have very different personalities. 

Bob O: 

Bob is a seasonal snowplow operator who is a lifelong resident of Kittitas County. Bob started with Ros-Elum in 2017 but has over 40 years of plowing and operating experience. When Bob is not working, he loves to hunt deer & elk and does a lot of fishing too. He especially loves mushroom hunting and antler shed hunting in the spring. During the summer he enjoys tending to his fruit and vegetable garden. Bob especially loves spending time with his family and 2 dogs & 1 cat. 

Mark C.

Mark is an all-around handy man, estimator and snowplow operator at Ros-Elum Services. He started here in 2021. Mark has lived in Kittitas County for over 50 years. His specialties include machine work fabrication, figuring out problems and finding solutions. Mark’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and enjoying anything outdoors. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife Jeanine and 2 cats, Ellie & Josie. Mark’s future aspirations include learning more trades and working more with the public.

Skyler R.

Skyler is a professional window cleaner with Ros-Elum Services. He loves to learn new things and takes a great deal of pride in his work.

Patricia R.

Patricia has been with Ros-Elum since 2021 and is a member of our Professional Cleaning team. She lives here in Kittitas County with her husband and 2 children. Patricia appreciates the sense of accomplishment from a job well done and strives for consistency and customer satisfaction.

Yadira V.

Yadira is a Professional Cleaner with Ros-Elum Services. She has been a Kittitas County resident for over 22 years. Yadira’s specialties include being a very detailed cleaner and being a good mother to her children. Her hobbies include fishing with her family and spending time with her kids. Yadira’s future aspirations are to continue to improve herself and her family’s life.

Monsi S.

Monsi is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services that has lived in Kittitas County since 2022. She takes pride in being a fast learner and hard worker. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, spend time with her family, husband and 2 dogs. Montserrat’s future aspirations include traveling and one day owning her own home.

Naomi L.

Naomi is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services that has lived in Kittitas County since 2023. Naomi prides herself on doing a good job and making customers feel like their home is brand new when she is finished. She always has a smile on her face and brings joy to all who come into contact with her. She likes to spend time with family and go out and explore new places. Naomi looks forward one day to owning her own beauty salon.

Angelica H.

Angelica is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services that has lived in Kittitas County since 2021. She prides herself on being a hard worker and double checking her work, so the customers are satisfied. Outside of work her hobbies include going to the park and swimming recreationally. Angelica also very much enjoys spending time with her family.

Marycarla M.

Marycarla is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services.

Jasmine M.

Jasmine is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services.

Kaylee B.

Kaylee is a professional cleaner with Ros-Elum Services. She moved to the area in 2022 and resides here with her husband and beloved family dog. Kaylee is hardworking, honest and takes pride in the outcome of each job. In her spare time, she enjoys riding horses, dirt biking, hiking, traveling & snowboarding. Kaylee’s future aspirations include starting a family and buying a house with property so she can have farm animals.